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Civico Museo Sveviano

The ‘Museo Sveviano’ is a space dedicated to the historical figure of Italo Svevo – the literary pseudonym of Ettore Schmitz – and to his work. It comprises the novelist’s personal items which survived the destruction of his villa in a bombing raid in 1945: his bookcase, and some of the books contained therein, his golden pen, his violin. Near these, the study room houses his archive comprising the original manuscripts of his short stories, of his essays and comedies, and hundreds of letters he received from some of the most important literary figures of his time — Joyce, Montale, André Gide, Prezzolini, Comisso — as well as those written by Svevo himself to his wife Livia Veneziani – and hundreds of family photographs. The Museum also houses a library which is being continually augmented with editions of Svevo’s works – both in the original and in the most unusual translations – and containing the most comprehensive collection of literary criticism on Svevo in the world.

As well as to preserve and make its archives available to scholars, the Museo Sveviano’s purpose is to function as a centre for the dissemination of Svevo’s work by planning and organising exhibitions, events, theatrical performances, film showings, presentations and round tables, as well as by producing scholarly work through dedicated publications and by taking part in conferences in Italy and abroad. And every year, on 19th December, the Museum celebrates the writer’s birthday with an event called “Happy Birthday Svevo”.

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