TRIESTINERS - Gente di Trieste James Joyce and his “Second Homeland”

Opened during the last Bloomsday, the exhibition “Triestiners” tells the “triestiner” James Joyce insider the Dubliner James Joyce. A Joyce who spoke fluently the triestine dialect and took part in the cultural life of the city, not only as an English teacher of the high bourgeoisie but also as a lecturer on his Ireland, on Hamlet, Defoe and Blake.
Furthermore, he wrote many important articles for the local newspaper “Il Piccolo della Sera”. This is an exhibition on what he called his “second homeland” — as Joyce described Trieste according to Nino Frank’s statement —, full of people with whom he came in touch with, by whom he was inspired and that has inspired, first of all, Ettore Schmitz, the Italian writer Italo Svevo.

Pieghevole [.pdf]