È tanto differente questa Inghilterra…

E' tanto differente questa Inghilterra...
Gli scritti londinesi di Italo Svevo

by John Gatt-Rutter, Brian Moloney, Fraser Hope

Svevo’s numerous trips and stays in London in order to establish and run the English branch of the Veneziani marine paint company are documented in numerous letters and personal papers, as well as in a number of essays and the articles which Svevo wrote for the Triestine paper, ‘La Nazione’. This rich documentation, edited and annotated by the eminent Svevo scholars, Brian Moloney and John Gatt-Rutter, was published in English by Troubadour, and then republished in Italian by the Museum, accompanied by an exhibition full of fascinating and little known details about this important aspect of Svevo’s life.
The book includes all of Svevo’s “English” writings, together with essays by the editors.

230 pp., ill. 15 euro 


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