The Svevo Museum / The Joyce Museum

 Il Museo Sveviano / The Svevo MuseumIl Museo Joyce / The Joyce Museum by Riccardo Cepach2006 A didactic exhibition based on the profound and fundamental structure evident in all of Svevo’s life and work: the double. The exhibition was divided into three sections which examined, respectively, Svevo’s dual Italian/German education […]

È tanto differente questa Inghilterra…

Gli scritti londinesi di Italo Svevo by John Gatt-Rutter, Brian Moloney, Fraser Hope2003 Svevo’s numerous trips and stays in London in order to establish and run the English branch of the Veneziani marine paint company are documented in numerous letters and personal papers, as well as in a number of […]

Svevo e il professor Zois

Mercante di gerundii by Irene Battino2002 A reprise of the previous exhibition dedicated to the relationship between Joyce and Svevo on occasion of the International Joyce Symposium, 2002. The catalogue from the previous exhibition was also reprinted, with minor revisions and an additional article by B. Chersicla. 87 pp., ill. […]

Vita di mio marito

Livia Veneziani racconta Svevo by Irene Battino2001 Based on the biography of Svevo written by his wife (together with the writer Lina Galli) and published in 1950 by Anita Pittoni in her Zibaldone editions, the exhibition explored the respective family backgrounds of husband and wife (who were also first cousins), […]

Scritture del profondo

Svevo e Tozzi by Marco Marchi2000 Based on an idea by Marco Marchi and presented in collaboration with the Viesseux Cabinet and the descendants of the Sienese writer, Federigo Tozzi, the exhibition delineated the parallel biographical and artistic itineraries of two ‘anomalous’ and marginalised 20th Century writers, whose very isolation […]

Rincorrendo Angiolina…

Figure femminili nella vita e nella letteratura sveviana by Fulvio Anzellotti2000 A voyage which, departing from the Angiolina of the title, the heroine of Senilità and her real-life model, the workingclass girl, Giuseppina Zergol, passed in review all of ‘Svevo’s women’ – his mother, wife and mother-in-law – as well […]

My dear Mr. Joyce..

Caro signor Schmitz … / My dear Mr. Joyce.. Un’amicizia tra le righe by Alessandra Sirugo1999 The artistic and personal relationship between two great writers, which went beyond the superficial legend of their ‘great friendship’ to investigate the complex reality of a relationship made difficult at times due to differences […]

Italo Svevo

Interactive CD-ROM produced by museum in 1998 The CD-ROM produced by the Museum in 1998, which contains an introduction to Svevo’s works, scenes from theatrical productions and films based on the novels and a sampling of the correspondence. 8 euro Buy