Rincorrendo Angiolina…

Rincorrendo Angiolina
Figure femminili nella vita e nella letteratura sveviana

by Fulvio Anzellotti

A voyage which, departing from the Angiolina of the title, the heroine of Senilità and her real-life model, the workingclass girl, Giuseppina Zergol, passed in review all of ‘Svevo’s women’ – his mother, wife and mother-in-law – as well as those which appear in his works. The exhibition also sought to provide a profile of Triestine women of the period, of all classes and cultural backgrounds.
The catalogue includes articles by A. R. Rugliano, E. Pellegrini, I. Battini, A. Millo, Fulvio Anzellotti, T. Kezich.

86 pp., ill. 10 euro


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