This website provides basic information on Svevo’s life and works, and a list of Svevian locations in the city of Trieste. It also provides information on the Svevo Museum, its history, activities, events and publications, as well as a description of the manuscripts, published works and criticism and the Triestine writer’s personal possessions contained in its collections.

Scholars and students who wish to consult the collections, including the iconographic materials and bibliographic and reference materials, may contact the Museum by e-mail or telephone (see Contact Information).

Opening hours

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Svevo Museum
via Madonna del Mare 13

2nd floor of
Public Library “Attilio Hortis”


+39 040 675 8170
+39 040 675 8182

Guided tours
Regular € 4,50
Reduced € 2,50
School groups € 2,50 

Svevo Museum in Trieste

Museum possesses the original drafts of all of Svevo’s other writings: his plays, essays and articles, novellas, fables, diaries and personal notes, as well as his extremely rich correspondence.

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More new ones from the lost library

Svevo's library was almost completely destroyed in the bombing of 1945, but in recent years, another seventy books with his signature have been found in the legacy of his son-in-law Antonio Fonda Savio.


Svevo Virtual Tour

The Sveviano Museum in collaboration with the Master in "Digital Humanities" of the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice hosts the experimentation of Wikitude augmented reality software.


Italo Svevo nel mondo

A meeting with the new Svevo scholars from Japan to Brazil, from Scotland to Egypt live from studio 5 of the Rai headquarters in Trieste


Buon Compleanno Svevo

Traditional event of the Sveviano Museum that commemorates every 19th December the anniversary of the birth of the most famous writer from Trieste, Italo Svevo.


The Trieste of Italo Svevo

Italo Svevo was born Aron Hector Schmitz (but known as Ettore at home) on 19 December 1861 in Trieste from a Jewish middle-class family. After attending boarding school he started to work at the Trieste branch of the Austrian Union Bank.

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